Monday, May 17, 2010

Book Review: Penny the Pony Fairy

Penny the Pony Fairy, by Daisy Meadows

This book is about Penny the pony fairy. Kirsty and Rachel were riding on a pony. They saw a squirrel. Then they saw a goblin. One of the goblins were hopping on one foot to the other foot. One of the goblin went to one of the pony. Kirsty went to one pony and gave her a juicy red apple. One of the goblin are sitting in the tree on a branch. One goblin were hiding behind the tree. There were only one big goblin and three little goblins. So the goblins went home. Kirsty put her hands around the pony. One goose is looking up at a goblin. One o fthe goose are on the side of the goblin. The goblin is riding on a pony. My favourite bit was when Kirsty put her hand around the pony.

By Leslie


  1. by leslie
    hi leslie i miss you so much and your mum
    and i like your mihi by sione room 9.fmfmmfj

  2. Hi Leslie
    I like the story about Penny the pony fairy that you put on your blog and it looks fantastic and the picture on the book look cool and I like the video clip about your swimming and thank you for puting it up for us. Mrs Tuala is still at home. Now our teacher is Mrs Maude. For the last three days Mrs Nareder has been our teacher and the only thing that I liked with Mrs Nareder was the work sheets and playing games. God bless you.
    Love from Iron.